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Welcome to the website of Max Hipkins.

I am a town planner, architect and engineer who has spent most of my professional life in consulting to the private sector and government.

I have extensive experience in local government, both as a Director of Planning at the Cities of Perth and Nedlands and as an elected member at the City of Nedlands. At Nedlands I served one year as a Councillor and two as Deputy Mayor before being elected Mayor.  I was Mayor at the City of Nedlands for two terms, between 2011 and 2019..

In my efforts to protect the quality of our living environment within Nedlands I have fought consistently to retain local decision-making and local government independence.

It is my desire to see local planning powers returned to local government.

Should you wish to contact me please do not hesitate by forwarding me an email to info@maxhipkins.org.au or phone me on 9386 5788 or 0430 578 118.

Kind regards,

Max Hipkins


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